♥️ TOP 5 Winter Bedroom Ideas for 2022 ☃️ ♥️

Just like that, December is here! ❄️  Get ready for Winter and help set the mood in your room with our Top 5 Bedrooms with a perfect Winter Aesthetic! We also included some products to help you work towards making your room just as beautiful! 💕  👀 Don't forget to share your progress and room makeovers by using #EverLastingMakeover & @EverLastingFabric☺️


Room with a View 🪟  

#EverLastingMakeover Inspiration by Curated Interior.

Try our Plaid Gray Bedding to achieve a similar look. 


Cozy for Christmas 🎄 

#EverLastingMakeover Inspiration by 2yujin22.

Use our Duo Green Bedding Set for a similar vibe.


Red-y For Bed ❤️ 

#EverLastingMakeover Inspiration by le.__.d.

We recommend our Red and Black Plaid Set to copy this look!


Monotone Magic 🌠 

#EverLastingMakeover Inspiration by herzenstimme.

Our Beige Royal Bed Set is perfect to help achieve this look.


Perfect Pastels 🖼  

#EverLastingMakeover Inspiration by joheelife.

Our Pastel Duo Set is perfect for matching this room's light and airy vibe!

We hope these rooms help to inspire your very own makeover! ❄️ 🤍 Share your Winter makeover with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging #EverLastingMakeover & @EverLastingFabric ( you just might be featured in our next blog! 😉 )