Explore creative and learning opportunities at Ever Lasting. Join our dynamic and diverse team and discover a range of career paths and grow with us. 

Open Positions 

Customer Success Associate:

Hiring passionate professional who loves assisting others, extremely organized and eager to learn, connect and build communities

  • Job Posted Nov 14th 2023 - On going hiring process. 

Creative Internship Program:

Open to all creatives, passionate individual who is looking to build their resume and learn from the best team. See the exciting journey and be a part of a rapidly growing brand. Our internship program offers extensive tailoring and flexibility. We make the program for your best learning experience and we value what you can bring to the table. Let's get things started! 

  • Fall 2023 Internship: Open Call is Closed. 
  • Winter to Spring Internship: Open Call Starts 12.01.2023
    • Business & Admin Intern
    • Customer Success Intern
    • Content Intern
    • Marketing Intern (Instagram & Tiktok)
    • Marketing Intern (Youtube)
    • Marketing Intern (Pinterest)
    • Writing Specialist Intern
    • Influencer & Community Building Intern
    • Campus Leader Intern 

    Purchasing & Product Associate

    Hiring creative professional who has experience in product sourcing, brand development and understands style and aesthetic.

    • Job Posted Nov 14th 2023 - On going hiring process. 


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