Started in early 2020, we are a small business with a grand vision. Our home (our beds) should be that safe haven filled with coziness. No need to choose between style, quality or ethical productions. You deserve it all. And we are not here to make any compromises. We are proud of our production and shipping process. Here is a full transparency guide. If there is anything else you would like to know, just shoot us a message.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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Did you know?

1. 100% Handmade: Every product is made with love and care. By supporting us, you’re also supporting the incredible craftsman behind each piece of bedding.

2. Ethically Produced and Sustainable Practices: We collaborate exclusively with small family studios, crafting our products in small batches to minimize waste and ensure sustainable production.

3. Women Empowering Women: As a POC and woman-owned business, we are dedicated to empowering and uplifting women in our community and beyond.


Unbeatable Quality with Sustainability in Mind

No fancy over-exaggerated thread counts or hard to understand terminologies. At Ever Lasting, we are known for the quality.

Handcrafted fabric that is meant to last. No more fabric pilling, shrinkage or color bleeding… our fabrics just get even softer with every wash. It is also breathable with flexibility making your bed the comfiest and coziest place to be.

Certified 100% Cotton. The fabrics are soft to the touch and great for all ages. Great thing about cotton bedding fabrics is that it is renewable and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally-friendly fiber throughout its entire product life cycle. It is easier on the environment and that is how it should be!

100% Cotton Lab Tests and Certifications: 


Premium ELS Cotton

We use the best. Only 3% of all cotton can be classified as ELS (extra long-staple) which is the foundation of our high quality bedding. Unlike short-staple that has 1 ⅛ in length, our extra-long-staple have fibers around 2”. These length differences may seem small, but they make a big difference in the quality, strength, and softness of the cotton. 

Sustainable Colored Spun Yarn

The so-called colored spun yarn is to first dye the fiber into colored fiber, and then thoroughly mix the fibers of two or more different colors to form a yarn with a unique color mixing effect. The colored spun yarn can achieve a three-dimensional effect and texture of the enamel which cannot be achieved by the dyeing of the white blank. 

The colored spun yarn is non-polluting and can also control the chromatic aberration to the utmost extent. Therefore, the colored spun yarn, which is soft and vibrant in color, can be in smaller batches and reduces waste.

Special Features

Duvet covers are a great alternative to traditional bedding sheets. They are easy to clean and keep your duvet inserts/comforter in its original condition.

Ever Lasting duvet covers come with out-of-sight YKK zippers for the sleek and clean look. They also come with inner corner-ties that keep your duvet insert in place throughout the night.

Fabric Manufacturing

Proudly made in independently owned studios in Nan Tong, China. 

Partnered studios: 

Nantong Xiangyao Textile Co., Ltd. / Address:2 Taiping N Rd, Nan Tong, Jiangsu, China
Nantong Jujia Textile Co., Ltd. / Address: 204 Guo Dao Rd, Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Fulfillment Centers

Our products are processed and packaged in our fulfillment centers located in Suzhou, China and Sunnyvale, California. Each order is inspected as a part of quality control to ensure that our products are the highest quality and made to perfection. 



Orders are sent to reliable shipping companies like USPS, UPS, Fedex, 4PX and SF Express. 

USPS: specializes in US orders. To track your USPS order, please visit

UPS: specializes in larger orders, US orders and Canadian Orders. To track your UPS order, please visit

Fedex: specializes in European orders and other countries. To track your Fedex order, please visit

4PX: specializes in overseas shipment from China to the US. To track your 4PX order, please visit

SF Express: specializes in overseas shipment from China to the US. To track your SF Express order, please visit