12 Zodiac Inspired Bedroom Looks

After the recent full moon in Capricorn, the stars are aligning for new opportunities. We took the time to research how your week will go based on your sign, and offered some friendly advice. (Oh yeah, we've also specially picked out a bedding set made perfect for you based on your sign! ☺ )

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Take the end of this week to focus on yourself. Your kindness and helpfulness have been appreciated, but have taken away from your self-care. Take yourself on a date this weekend, maybe see that new movie or treat yourself to something nice! Reevaluate your goals and objectives to make sure they're being done for you. 

Inspo from @travisour.

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This week shows promise for growth! Allow yourself to explore your curiosity, whether it be trying something brand new or rediscovering something you've given up on in the past. Surround yourself with new people, or those with varying interests. Follow your instincts and let loose. :)

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Be careful with your intentions this week. Chances are there may be some challenges to arise, but you can get through them if you focus your energy in the right places. Avoid people and situations that you don't think will bring you joy or benefit, and channel your intuition to make decisions to benefit yourself. By focusing on yourself this week, you'll open new opportunities for the near future.

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With the moon in your sign lately, you've been able to absorb lots of positive energy. Take this week to spread that energy to friends, loved ones, or even strangers! Make it a point to say or do something nice for someone today. Consider reaching out to someone you haven't seen in a while for brunch or a movie! Remember that the universe believes and rewards good karma, so use the extra positive energy you have to lift up others. 

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This week is all about finding extra strength. Lately you may have been ignoring your physical or mental needs; now is the time to regain focus on your goals. Have you had a goal to eat healthier, meditate more, or something in that area? Maybe you've felt a little unmotivated or lost? Consider setting an intention for each day, and getting up a bit earlier to get yourself ready to take on the world. If anything has seen rocky lately, trust that soon it will even out.

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Let your creativity shine this week! It seems you may have had a project or idea on the back burner, but now is the time to start putting things into action. Push your doubts aside and allow yourself to indulge in your special interests. Your hard work lately has earned you some time to do what truly makes you happy. 

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This week finds a new sense of balance, quite fitting for you Libra. You may find this week to seem calmer or less busy than usual. Do not take this quiet for granted; it is the universe giving you time to rest and recharge. Go with the flow as you progress this week, and ignore others opinions. Simply take this time to focus on your personal goals and interests, and what you enjoy or want to do.

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Trust yourself this week, Scorpio. It seems that lately you've been dealing with too much at once, and it may be beginning to take a toil on yourself. Focus less on others and simply follow your intuition. Trust that your work, practice, or hobbies will lead you exactly where you need to be. Whether it's meeting someone new or discovering something new about yourself, this week will be an eye opening time as long as you trust yourself to bring it about.

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This week calls for a change in perspective. Lately you may have been focusing too much of your thoughts on yourself, so you may want to consider taking a step back to listen. Try to consider others advice, whether warranted or not. If you've had a problem you've been stuck on or a tough decision, look to others for your answers. But do not be careless, choose carefully who you believe will truly be honest to you and have good intentions.

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With the moon recently within your sign, this upcoming week brings clarity. Someone close to you will bring something to your attention soon, and whether good or bad, you must be open to listen. Be alert of your surroundings; Pay attention to what people and places you encounter and how they may affect you. With newfound understanding, try to help others you may feel need it.

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As of late, you may have felt a little scatterbrained or lost. Now is the time to truly focus. Whether it be on pursuing a past time or your work, this week will require strength and determination. Take a deep breath, a step back, and reevaluate where to put your energy. Don't be afraid to rely on others to help you if needed, and you may find a planner or calendar to be helpful. Prepare for change or possible sudden shifts in the following weeks, and take upcoming challenges head on.

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Pisces - this week if all about moving forward. Don't drag yourself down with any mistakes or bumps you've had along the way. As you finish out this week, put your efforts into the present. Keep your head held high and focus your energy into staying positive yet productive. This weekend will hold well needed relaxation and may even bring a solution to a long term issue you've had. Don't be so hard on yourself, you're doing amazing. ♡

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Good luck this upcoming week, we hope these horoscopes helped provide some insight to the right path for you! You can check out more Zodiac Inspired Bedroom Ideas on our Pinterest, and shop more bedding on our website. ☺