5 *easy* Tips for a Total Room Transformation

Ever Lasting Bedding Set in White and Beige

A bedroom should be an escape, a restful sanctuary, which expresses our favorite colors, feelings, and things we love. Learn more tips to help you change your bedroom into your favorite place to be.


Choose "Soft" Color

Instead of bold colors, why not go for minimal shades that are easy to style. Soft shades can be a great backdrop to vibrant decorating pieces like a painting or a cute orange vase. Many soft hues like beige, and whites are considered to be calming. Try our Beige and White Bedding or Gingham Bedding in Brown and White to achieve the minimal look.


Did You Forget About the Ceiling?

The ceiling is the fifth wall in a room. When you lie in bed, do you see a blank canvas. We like to think so! Add a pattern or a color. You can try painting the ceiling one shade off of the main color of your room. This is an easy way to tie the room together creating comfort and intimacy. 


Keeping It Simple

A bedroom can mean a lot of things. It is a place for comfort. It can also be a place for reflections and creativity. Just like a movie, looking into blank spaces can bring room for reflections. Instead of overcrowding ever corner and surface, why not keep it empty? Play with colors and textures instead of loud patterns and objects. 

Change the bedding to a plain orange or add subtle patterns like a monochrome plaid. Bedding sets like these can be a perfect 


Indulge in High-Quality Fabrics

Outfit your bedroom with beautiful and high quality fabrics. There's nothing that adds comfort to a bedroom like beautiful bedding. Don't buy sheets that are less than 100 percent cotton. Try our Ever Lasting Duo Bedding Set in Pink and Yellow for an effortless luxurious feel.

There are also other fabrics through the bedroom that can add a fun touch. Don't forget about curtains, throws and decorative pillows.

Bedroom Decor

Add Different Sources of Light

In a bedroom, it's great to "layer" lighting throughout the room. Find a source of ambient light for the whole room and small lamps that focus light for reading and other activities, and colored accent light that highlights the walls in soft illumination.