Bedroom Makeover Ideas: No. 2 Bohemian Loft

Summer is here, and what better way to embrace the late nights and open skies with a free-spirited bedroom!

The bohemian bedroom is all about letting go of our daily constraints and opening ourselves to a more spiritual lifestyle: music, dance, color, nature, reading, creativity, the celestial stars are the limit.

Rich colors, embroidered textiles, large windows with natural light, vintage art treasures, and found objects with stories: bohemian-themed bedrooms bring memories of traveling on the open road- and remind us to live with an open-mind and open-heart. Here are some of our favorite ways of creating a bedroom that feels as good to rest in as it does to dance the night away!

Textiles that tell stories

The first step to creating a bohemian bedroom is having details that make the room feel alive with artistry and storytelling. Embroidery is a great way to integrate a personal, artistic touch with unique details that add an element of story. Try our embroidered bedding set in white, pink, green, or tan for nature-filled embroidery look.


Plants, plants, plants!

Another way to make your bedroom feel more alive? Literally adding plants and flowers that will grow and bring fresh air of their own to your room!

It's no secret that hanging plants look amazing in bedrooms: one tip is to set them in higher places like your ceiling, or beams to add movement and dimension to your bedroom! The more unique and unusual the plant, the more bohemian the spirit!


Choose Bright, Sunny Colors

Colors that remind you of summer- like yellow and green, are the perfect center pieces for a bohemian bedroom. They also provide a great base from which you can pair richer, more jewel-toned decor ideas! Try our mixed color bedding set in green + yellow for a bright yet subtle look.


All about accents and details

Deeper-hued pillows, throws, and bedroom accents make the bohemian bedroom. To achieve a similar look, try our solid bedding bundle and pumpkin pillows.

Neutral tones go really well with a plant-filled interior too. We really love the way @eltallerdefiti_  styled our gingham bedding set in her bedroom!

Shelving Ideas for Art, Books, and Objects

Chances are, you're trying to fill a bohemian-inspired bedroom with lots of found objects and art treasures you love! Shelving units are not only perfect for showing these treasures off, they add dimension, depth, and height to a bedroom space. We adore the way Youtuber, Paris (theartofparis) styled our plaid bedding set in green for her room makeover alongside her new bookshelves!



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