Bedroom Makeover Ideas : No. 1 Cottage Core


Soft hues, floral prints, dappled light through sheer curtains, rustic charm and antique touches: cottage-themed bedrooms are the epitome of filling your life with romance. Here are some of our favorite ways of creating a space that feels like you’ve stepped into a summer cottage in the French countryside.

The cottage-core aesthetic is all about slowing down and taking time to appreciate the little things: the fresh summer breeze, fresh floral notes from your garden, painting or writing a letter to a faraway friend. Creating a calm environment in your bedroom that helps you relax and unwind is key. Here are 5 ways you can create a cottage bedroom for yourself!



Cozy bedding is central to a cottage-themed bedroom. For a more minimal look, search for bedding in soft colors, pastel hues, or neutrals. Checkered, gingham, and floral printed bedding are also great ways of instantly making your room feel like you're in a rustic cottage.

Try our bedding set in custard yellow for a gentle, soft look. For a quaint, nature-inspired feel, try our embroidered bedding set in white. If you're looking for a little character, try our checkered bedding set in purple to achieve a soft-toned look. 


It’s all about the little things


A little bouquet of fresh flowers by your bedside goes a long way! Treat yourself to small ways you can integrate nature into your bedroom: a bouquet from your market, hang dried flowers, press leaves and found flora in your journal. You can find charming antique pieces like teacups, candle-holders, rustic frames, and wooden accessories at a local thrift shop to fill your space with the essence of country-living. The wicker basket is such a lovely reminder of that perfect summer picnic you’ve been meaning to have!


Books, books, books!

Reading in bed is one of life’s simple pleasures. Cottage-core is all about returning to slower, more fulfilling ways of life, and re-connecting with the habits that make us happy. Filling your room with books, and taking the time to read is a great way to feel you are embodying the slow-living quality of a cottage-inspired bedroom! We love the way @genevaboyett styled our gingham bedding in brown and white alongside her reading material!


 Find ways to bring nature indoors

If you are lucky enough to have large windows that let natural light in, sheer curtains add a beautiful touch and brightens the room. Lace curtains also add such a romantic and antique feel to a cottage bedroom. It’s all about feeling more connected to the nature outside your bedroom! If you don’t have huge windows (or you live in the city), find ways to bring fresh hanging or potted plants into your bedroom, and start your own indoor garden sanctuary! Placing a cute mirror by your bedside along with flowers in front is always a great way of brightening any space.


A little extra floral never hurts

Floral printed bedding, wallpaper, rugs, textiles you name it- its the perfect way to feel connected with the dream cottage garden that's steps beyond your bedroom. Try our floral bedding set in pink to achieve the same look!

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