Bedroom Makeover Ideas No. 3: Purple Haze

Purple haze. The phrase brings us back to the spirit of the 60's and 70's- when Jimi Hendrix reigned, and the fields were full of flowers, texture, and endless color. What a time to have been alive!

The Decade of Free-Spirits

Lately, we've been loving the bedrooms we've seen on Instagram that capture the spirit of the flower power decade- while bringing something totally new and contemporary of their own!

Pastel Basics

Pastel accented decor, pops of color, retro pillows, checker print textiles galore! The secret to a cute modern bedroom that embraces the spirit of such colorful decades is simple: balance.

A basic pastel-colored bedding set is the perfect foundation for your retro-bedroom. When there's so much texture and print to look at, a calmer bedding set will really help offset the business of the room! Try our newest summer arrival: solid bedding set in purple for a lovely summer look.

Flower Power

What's more perfect for a retro-themed 60's/ 70's room than flower pillows? Not only are flower pillows great for summer, they are an instant-mood booster, and so much fun to have around when friends are over.

Try our six petal flower pillows for 3 cute colors of flower decor.

Ceramic pops of color

Colorful pops of color are the perfect way to add the free-spirit and joy of the Flower-power decade! We've been seeing such cute ceramic pieces created by smaller independent artists in flower prints, checker, pastels, and more.

We love the way @yukasaur styled our checkered bedding set in purple alongside her fun ceramic pieces! We can tell her adorable cat is enjoying her new bedding too <3

Check out our instagram @everlastingfabric and our Purple bedroom board on Pinterest for more bedroom decor inspiration!