5 "It Girl" Aesthetic Dorm Decor Ideas

It's that time of year. BACK TO SCHOOL! At Ever Lasting, we make it easy. Get all the bedding you would need to start your new semester fresh.

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Peachy-hued Dream

#EverLastingMakeover Inspiration by @mathildeaugustadam.

Try this Duo Bedding Set in Pink + Magenta to achieve a similar look.


#EverLastingMakeover by @marthaeelman.

Try this Chess Bedding Set in Sage Green to get this look!

Wavy Reflection

#EverLastingMakeover Inspiration by @everlastingfabric.

Try this Wavy Mirror to achieve the same look. 

Beach House Blue

#EverLastingMakeover Inspiration by @matildadjerf.

Try this Plaid Bedding Set to achieve the same look. Or try the Pastel Bedding Set in Blue for a more simple look.

Cottage Core

#EverLastingMakeover Inspiration by @oneroom.make.

Try this Pastel Bedding Set in Purple to achieve a similar look.