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2024 New Year / New Me

Making a Vision board for the new year can be a powerful and effective way to set intentions, clarify goals 🎉and create a cultivate positive mindset. Here are some reasons why people choose to make vision boards for the new year:


Examples ; A Vision board allows you to visually articulate your goals and desires. It provides a clear and tangible representation of what you want to achieve in the coming year. By creating a vision board, you are essentially engaging in a daily practice of visualising your goals.  Most of all the constant source of inspiration and motivation. When you encounter challenges or setbacks, looking at your vision board can remind you of your aspirations and rekindle your determination. 💌

So let’s get this new year started with some motivation that will push us even harder especially our Team here at Ever Lasting 🪩🩶

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"Embracing the mantra 'new year, new me' signifies a commitment to personal growth and positive change as the calendar turns. It encapsulates the spirit of renewal, encouraging individuals to reflect on the past, set realistic goals for the future, and prioritize self-improvement. This phrase embodies the optimism and determination to evolve, whether by adopting healthier habits, cultivating a positive mindset, or pursuing meaningful goals. It serves as a reminder that each new year brings an opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to build on past experiences, and a commitment to becoming the best version of oneself. While the sentiment is often associated with resolutions, it ultimately represents a mindset shift towards embracing continuous self-discovery and improvement throughout the journey of life."

Vision Board Inspo 🤍

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1. Ultra-Soft Bed Sheets

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"Waking up to new bedding on New Year's Day brings a refreshing start to the year, enveloping one in a cocoon of comfort and renewal. The crispness of freshly adorned sheets and the inviting softness of a new comforter create a sense of sanctuary and luxury, setting a positive tone for the days ahead. It's more than just a physical change—it symbolizes a commitment to embracing new beginnings and investing in personal well-being. The tactile experience of sinking into a bed adorned with fresh linens mirrors the anticipation of the possibilities and opportunities that the new year holds. It's a simple yet profound act that transforms a daily routine into a ritual of self-care, making each morning a gentle reminder of the promise and potential inherent in the unfolding year."

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2. Decorative Pillows

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Decorative  New years pillows contribute to the overall festive ambiance of the home. Adorned with seasonal patterns, colours, or whimsical designs, these pillows become not only functional but also integral to the visual charm of New years décor. They enhance the cosiness of living spaces, making them more inviting for gatherings and celebrations. But when making your vision board you can be cosy with a pillow placed behind your back or somewhere to rest your head on when you are thinking of your personal goals for the new year.

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3. Bed Frames

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Investing in a new bed frame offers more than just aesthetic appeal; it can significantly enhance the overall quality of sleep and comfort. A sturdy and well-designed bed frame provides essential support for the mattress and, consequently, better support for your body. This promotes proper spinal alignment, reducing the risk of discomfort or pain. Additionally, new bed frames often come with advanced features such as improved ventilation, better weight distribution, and increased durability. Beyond the functional benefits, a stylish bed frame can transform the entire look and feel of a bedroom, creating a welcoming and cozy environment. Upgrading to a new bed frame is a holistic investment in both physical well-being and the aesthetics of one's personal space, contributing to a better night's sleep and an overall improved sleep experience.

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4. Layered Blankets

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 Room Small Room Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, there's a comforting allure to the idea of New Year's blankets. These blankets become more than just layers of fabric; they symbolize a fresh start and the warmth of new beginnings. Wrapped in the soft folds of a cosy blanket, one can reflect on the year that has passed, finding solace in its embrace.With it being something new it truly symbolises New year / New me 

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5. Storage & organization

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Maximise your bedroom space with multi-functional bedding. Our storage-friendly options, like bed risers and under-bed storage containers, help you keep your room organised and clutter-free. Going into the new year let’s say no to clutter! And yes to putting it away so it’s clear and leaves you with a more breathable space or living which is good for the mind especially when your students 👩‍🎓

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6. Pjs & loungewear

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Cosy new years pyjamas play a crucial role in cultivating a comfortable and relaxing environment within your living space especially after celebrating all night. As you wind down making your Vision Board for 2024 why not do it in something a lot more comfier 🤍🦢

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7. Lighting & Lamps

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Creating a vision board under the gentle glow of lamps in the stillness of the night transforms the process into a serene and introspective ritual. The subdued lighting creates an intimate ambiance, fostering a sense of focus and clarity. As you sift through magazines and carefully select images and words, the lamplight casts a warm and comforting glow on the creative endeavor. The quietude of the night provides a peaceful backdrop, allowing thoughts to flow and intentions to crystallise. Each cutout, each placement on the board becomes a deliberate act of self-discovery and aspiration. The lamps, casting their soft light.

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8. Kitchen Essentials

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living room inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric

In the kitchen on New Year's Eve, the air is infused with a medley of enticing aromas and the promise of festive delights. The flickering glow of candlelight dances on countertops adorned with trays of appetizers and glittering decorations. The clinking of glasses and laughter from the adjoining room create a joyful soundtrack as friends and family gather to celebrate. The kitchen becomes a bustling hub of activity.

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8. Wall Art

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Creating a vision board is a dynamic and visual way to manifest your goals and aspirations. The inclusion of images on your vision board is crucial for several reasons. Images have a profound impact on the subconscious mind, often evoking emotions and fostering a deeper connection to your desires. By selecting pictures that resonate with your goals, you create a tangible representation of your dreams, turning abstract ideas into concrete visions. Placing this visual collage on your wall ensures constant exposure, turning your living space into a daily reminder of your aspirations. 

Why are Vision Boards important?

As we embark on the journey into the new year, crafting a vision board for 2024 becomes a beacon of hope and intention. This creative endeavor is more than a collection of images and words—it is a personalized roadmap for our aspirations. By carefully curating a visual representation of our goals, we transform abstract dreams into vivid, inspiring realities. Placing this vision board in a prominent space ensures a daily encounter with our deepest desires, fostering a mindset that aligns thoughts, actions, and aspirations. The act of creating a vision board for 2024 is a commitment to self-discovery, growth, and the deliberate pursuit of a purposeful and fulfilling year ahead. As we glance upon this collage of dreams on our walls, we are reminded not only of what we aspire to achieve but of the powerful capacity within us to turn these aspirations into tangible achievements. May this vision board be a guiding light, steering us toward a year filled with purpose, joy, and the fulfillment of our most cherished dreams.

Here at Ever Lasting we wish you a Happy New years and we hope the New year brings you luck & allows your personal affirmations come true 💌🤍


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