🕯 5 Ideas for a Comfy Cozy Night In 🕯

With the cold weather rolling in, it's become much easier to want to bundle up and stay in the comfort of your own home. We know exactly how it feels, so we've compiled 5 cute ideas for a cozy night in. Whether you're by yourself, with a pet, or some close friends, we hope you love these fun ideas! Share your own ideas with us on Facebook and Instagram @EverLastingFabric, and post your own cozy vibes with #EverLastingMakeover for a chance to be featured! ☺️

Self Care Night 💞


Take time to take care of you! Run a warm bath, grab a face mask and light some fall scented candles. Set aside time to indulge in your favorite past times, or find time to discover new ones! Self-love and self-care is important for a well nourished body, mind, & soul. ♥️

Bake Something New! 🍪 

Everyone loves a late night snack, so why not try something new! Satisfy your sweet tooth by baking and decorate to your hearts content. Check out this easy cookie recipe as a starting point, but don't be shy to get creative!!

D.I.Y. Decor 🎨 

 Who said crafts were only for little kids? Take a trip to your local art supply store and see what fun things you can find! Follow a painting tutorial on Youtube, create friendship bracelets with your close friends, or just enjoy a coloring book. The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination! 

Movie Marathon 🍿


 Take comfy and cozy to a whole new level by throwing on your favorite movie! Clear out furniture and throw your favorite fluffy comforter on the floor for a picnic style hangout; the more pillows and blankets the merrier! Grab a friend and your favorite movie theater candy, drinks, and of course popcorn. 

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Jot in a Journal ✍️ 

Clear your mind by starting a Journal! Pinterest has tons of cute template ideas to help you keep track of goals, plan ahead, and blow off some steam. Adding stickers and other cute decorations to keep your pages interesting will give you the journal aesthetic of your dreams! 

Thanks for reading, we hope your weekend's is a fun, relaxing, reset from a busy week. Check out some of our #FallFavorites below and don't forget to share your own rooms with us using #EverlastingMakeover! ♥️ 

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