☆ How to Customize Your Bedding to Perfection ☆

Your bedding can say so much about your style and personality. When choosing a bed set you need to find one that is comfortable, stylish, and made for you. If you're having trouble finding the perfect set, why not make your own? We've compiled some tips and tricks to help you create the bed set of your dreams. :) 
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Where Do I Begin?

They always say starting is the hardest part, so we've compiled a step by step guide to get you mixing and matching A.S.A.P! Before shopping, it's important to know just what you're looking for. Make sure you measure your bed or use your previous sheets to determine what size bedding you'll need. (If you need help sizing, we have an awesome size guide here to make it easy.) Along with sizing, here's a quick check list to make sure you buy everything you need:

If you're missing any of the basics, we've got you covered! Here's some quick links to cover anything you're missing or want to upgrade. :)

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Styling Tips and Tricks

Though how you decorate your bed is up to you, there are some important things to keep in mind! Solid colors are a great way to start designing your bed set. We recommend starting with a solid color sheet and adding extra patterns, details, or complimenting colorings with a duvet cover or pillowcases! We offer a variety of washed cotton pillowcases, sheets, and duvet covers in 12 unique colors!

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Ready to Create your Unique Bedding Set?

We've newly updated our site to allow any bed set pieces to be purchased separately! You can start building your dream set by checking out our individual products page here. And if you need some further inspiration, here's some of our personal favorites! ☺

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Mixed Gingham Duvet Cover ( An easy way to get an Academia Aesthetic.)


We hope this guide helped you plan out your dream bed set, and that you enjoy being able to make your bedroom uniquely you! If you use any of our tips or bedding, make sure you use #EverLastingMakeover and tag us @EverLastingFabric for a chance to be featured! ♡