6 tips and tricks to find your perfect match.... your perfect bedding match!

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In the upcoming discussion, I will be highlighting six essential tips for creating the perfect bedding ensemble. We'll explore how to make informed choices in terms of fabric, emphasizing the quality and comfort offered by brands like Everlasting Fabrics. We'll also delve into the importance of tactile comfort, the coordination of colors and patterns, the benefits of layered bedding, and ensuring a seamless fit. Additionally, I'll touch upon the significance of gathering insights from reviews to make well-rounded decisions. By following these seven tips, you can curate a bedding style that's both visually appealing and comfortable.


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Blue floral Bedding Inspo By Ever Lasting
Solid blue Bedding By Ever Lasting

How to find your perfect bedding match?

To discover the ideal bedding match, focus on a few key considerations. Begin by selecting top-notch fabrics, such as those offered by Everlasting Fabrics, to ensure both durability and comfort. Pay attention to tactile sensations for a cozy sleep experience, and coordinate colors and patterns to complement your room's aesthetic. Opt for layered bedding for versatility in different temperatures, and ensure a precise fit with your mattress. Lastly, gather insights from reviews to make well-informed choices. Integrating these elements guarantees a bedding style that is not only visually pleasing but also tailored to your comfort preferences.

1. Use colors that complement eachother!

Solid Purple Bedding Inspo By Ever Lasting
Baby Blue Solid Bedding By Ever Lasting
Solid white bedding  Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric
Baby Pink bedding  Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric

Incorporating complementary colors within your bedding can transform your sleep space into a harmonious oasis. Opt for shades that seamlessly blend or contrast in a way that enhances the overall ambiance of your room. By selecting bedding colors that complement each other, you create a balanced and visually pleasing environment that exudes tranquility and style, promoting a more restful sleep experience.

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2. Add pops of color!

Barbie pink Bedding Inspo By Ever Lasting
Solid purple Bedding By Ever Lasting
Hot pink Bedding Inspo By Ever Lasting
Orange Bedding By Ever Lasting

Introducing bold bedding into your bedroom design can infuse a vibrant and striking character into the space. Choose bedding with daring patterns, vivid colors, or unique textures to make a confident design statement. Bold bedding can become the focal point of the room, instantly adding energy and personality. Remember to balance the boldness with the rest of your room's elements to create a cohesive and captivating atmosphere that reflects your individuality and creative flair.

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3. COnsider decorative bedding!

Striped pink and green bedding Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric
Striped blue and red  bedding Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric
Blue and white checkered bedding Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric
Thin striped blue bedding  Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric

Decorative bedding adorned with classic checks or stripes can lend a touch of timeless elegance to your sleep sanctuary. These patterns add a sense of structure and visual interest to your bedding ensemble. Whether you opt for the sophistication of pinstripes or the cozy charm of checkered designs, incorporating such patterns can create a sense of order and style. These versatile patterns seamlessly blend with various room aesthetics, offering a touch of nostalgia while still feeling fresh and inviting.

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4. SIlk it up!

White silky bedding Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric
Pink silky bedding Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric

Indulging in silky bedding can transform your sleep experience into one of luxury and comfort. The smooth texture of silk against your skin creates a sumptuous feeling of elegance and refinement. Silky bedding not only adds a touch of opulence to your bedroom but also offers benefits such as temperature regulation and reduced friction on your hair and skin. The sheen of silk adds a visually appealing element to your sleep space, making it a captivating and sensuous choice for those seeking a truly lavish retreat.

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Lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping the atmosphere and functionality of any space. Beyond its practical purpose, lighting holds the power to evoke emotions, highlight architectural features, and set the mood. Properly designed lighting can transform a room from mundane to inviting, from stark to cozy. It can create a sense of drama, emphasize textures, and define the overall aesthetic. Whether natural or artificial, subtle or bold, lighting has the ability to enhance our experiences, improve productivity, and contribute to our well-being. In essence, lighting serves as a painter's brush, allowing us to sculpt and accentuate the world around us to suit our desires and needs.

5. Vintage it up!

Vintage inspired bedding Inspo everlasting
Vintage inspired bedding Inspo everlasting
Vintage inspired bedding Inspo everlasting
Vintage inspired bedding Inspo everlasting

Opting for silky bedding elevates your sleep to a luxurious realm. The soft texture of silk against your skin exudes elegance and comfort. Beyond its opulent appearance, silk bedding offers practical advantages like temperature control and minimizing friction on hair and skin. Its lustrous quality enhances your bedroom's aesthetics, creating a sensuous and lavish atmosphere.

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6. Like keeping things simple and clean?

Solid white bedding inspo Everlasting
Solid fitted white bedding inspo everlasting
Solid white bedding inspo everlasting
Solid white and floral pillows inspo everlasting

Maintaining pristine, all-white bedding with subtle neutral accents contributes to a serene and inviting sleep haven. The purity of white sheets conveys a sense of cleanliness and tranquility, while the addition of soft neutrals introduces a touch of warmth and sophistication. Regularly laundering and caring for your bedding ensures its crispness and cleanliness, making your sleep space a soothing retreat that promotes relaxation and peace of mind.

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How you dress is equallly important to dressing your bed!

Coordinating your cozy pajamas with your bedding creates a seamless and inviting sleep experience. When your sleepwear mirrors the colors or patterns of your bedding, it enhances the overall ambiance of your bedroom. This thoughtful pairing not only reflects a sense of unity but also promotes a sense of comfort and relaxation, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in a cozy and harmonious sleep environment.




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In terms of sizing, most college dorms have Twin XL beds. In that case, we recommend going with a small size bed set and flat sheet. If you're looking for a fresh start or not sure where to begin, we recommend checking out our bundles! Each bundle will include a pillow, duvet insert and bedding set! It is also already pre discounted! Say heyyy to savings.

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How should I decorate my room?

However you feel fit! No matter your style or aesthetic, Ever Lasting has a huge selection of bedding, we're sure you'll find something you love. ♡ Don't forget to share your progress and room makeovers with us by using #EverLastingMakeover and tagging us @EverLastingFabric.

Anything we missed?

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