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Creating a productive morning routine is one of the key cornerstones to success in various aspects of your life. It sets the tone for the entire day—influencing your mood, energy levels, and overall well-being.


A well-thought-out morning routine allows individuals to prioritize essential tasks, fostering a sense of control and accomplishment, while providing dedicated time for self-care to improve mental clarity and focus. Moreover, it establishes consistency, which is crucial for building habits and achieving long-term goals.


By incorporating activities such as exercise, mindfulness, and strategic planning, you can optimize your physical and mental state, empowering you to seize each day with purpose and efficiency.

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At Ever Lasting, we're here to help you curate the perfect 6 a.m. morning routine!


That being said, welcome to a new you! We understand the importance of starting your day on the right note, and that's why we've curated a luxurious 6 A.M. morning routine to elevate your mornings to a whole new level. Join us as we guide you through each step, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the day.

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6:00 A.M. - Wake Up in Comfort

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The foundation of a productive morning begins with a restful night's sleep. It's SO important to get at least 7-9 hours of rest each night, which is best achieved with high-quality bedding. Our premium Ever Lasting sheets and pillows are cute and aesthetic, while providing unparalleled comfort, ensuring you wake up feeling well-rested and ready to embrace the day.

Achieve it with...

6:05 A.M. - Breathe and Stretch

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Start your day with gentle stretches to awaken your body and increase blood flow. Place your feet on our plush Ever Lasting rug as you stretch towards the sky, taking deep breaths to tap into your senses and wake up peacefully. Take a pause from turning on your phone first thing in the morning. Instead, get in a quick meditation and yoga session. 

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6:20 A.M. - Luxurious Shower Experience

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Step into a soothing shower experience with our ultra-soft Ever Lasting towels. Pamper yourself with clean scents and let the gentle touch of our towels envelop you in comfort, preparing you for the day ahead.  After, our cozy Ever Lasting robe will wrap you in warmth to dry off. 

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6:45 A.M. - Morning attire

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morning comfy outfit Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric
morning comfy outfit Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric
morning comfy outfit Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric

Next, invest in comfy and stylish loungewear to change into. It's true that when you look good, you feel good, so by putting on some clean clothes in the morning, it will help present your best self to the world as the first thing when you wake up. In turn, you'll notice a boost in confidence, instilling a sense of readiness to tackle whatever challenges may come your way

Achieve it with...

7:00 A.M. - Hydrate and Energize

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Rehydrate your body with a glass of water infused with a hint of lemon for a refreshing kick and added health benefits such as vitamin c and antioxidants. You can also make yourself some tea or coffee depending on your preferences. As you sip your morning beverage, this will fully wake you up and keep you hydrated and rejuvenated. Take this time to also make a nutrient-rich breakfast. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Achieve it with...

7:30 A.M. - Plan and Set Goals

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Stay cozy in the comfort of our Ever Lasting throw blanket as you plan out the rest of your day and create a to-do task list. Our luxurious textiles create a cozy ambiance, perfect for setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and envisioning a successful day ahead.

Achieve it with...

Now that you've accomplished the first few steps to a productive morning routine, the rest is up to you! You're now ready to finish the day at hand with a positive mindset, energy, and go-getter mood. 

All in all, elevate your morning routine with Ever Lasting, designed to bring luxury and comfort into every aspect of your day. As you embrace our premium products, you'll find that starting your day at 6 A.M. can be a truly indulgent and productive experience. Rise and shine with Ever Lasting—where every morning begins with a touch of luxury.

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Quick Bedding FAQ:

Do you offer student discounts?

Absolutely! We understand education is expensive, and are pleased to offer 10% off to those in school pursuing higher education. Simply send us an email to verify your student status and receive your discount code. :)

What size should I get?

In terms of sizing, most college dorms have Twin XL beds. In that case, we recommend going with a small size bed set and flat sheet. If you're looking for a fresh start or not sure where to begin, we recommend checking out our bundles! Each bundle will include a pillow, duvet insert and bedding set! It is also already pre discounted! Say heyyy to savings.

Don't see the bundle for the style of bedding set you like? Reach out to us and we might be able to make it happen! :)

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How should I decorate my room?

However you feel fit! No matter your style or aesthetic, Ever Lasting has a huge selection of bedding, we're sure you'll find something you love. ♡ Don't forget to share your progress and room makeovers with us by using #EverLastingMakeover and tagging us @EverLastingFabric.

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