Ever Lasting

Fluted Glass Pour Over Set


Our new style has helps make better tasting coffee by adding space between the filter and the coffee maker. 

✔️Premium Original Design
✔️Available in 2 Beautiful Colors
✔️Created to Make the Best Coffee
✔️High-Quality Glass and Bamboo Wood
✔️Long-Lasting + Collector Item
✔️Top-Notch Craftsmanship

Pour Over Set
+1 Glass Brewer
+1 550ml Carafe

Full 3pc Set
+1 Glass Brewer
+1 550ml Carafe
+1 Matching Color Kettle

Gift 5pc Set
+1 Glass Brewer
+1 550ml Carafe
+1 Matching Color Kettle
+2 Matching Color Mugs & Saucers

Brewer Dimension:
4.5in/11.5cm width
3.9in/10cm height
*Great with #1 or #2 cone filters

Carafe Dimension:
3in/8.2cm width
3.6in/9.3cm height
Holds 550ml (serves 2)

Kettle Dimension:
4in/11.5cm bottom width
3in/9cm top with
5in/16cm height
Holds 600ml; Hot Temp Safe

Mug Dimension:
3in/7.5cm width
3.1in/8cm height
Serves 350ml

Material: premium high heat resistant glass and premium grade wood


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