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Espresso Knock Box


Wood Knock Box + Espresso Tools

This is a must-have set for coffee lovers. Fun, unique, and beautiful. Enjoy as a new home essential or give a thoughtful present for that important someone ✨

✔️The Perfect Knock Box Design (rubber, steel, wood)
✔️Easy Clean Up with Removable Box
✔️Top-Notch Craftsmanship
✔️Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers
✔️Mixed Wood Design

Knock Box 53mm Set includes...
+1 Knock Box
+1 53mm Leveler
+1 53mm Tamper

Knock Box 58mm Set includes...
+1 Knock Box
+1 58mm Leveler
+1 58mm Tamper

Knock Box ONLY and tools options include only the individual items!

Knock Box:
Width: 9.4in (24cm)
Length: 9.4in (24cm)
Height: 3in (8cm)
Portafilter Slot: 2.9in (73mm) *fits most portafilters
Other 2 Slots: 2.5in (63mm) *fits most leveler and tamper

Knock Box Materials:
Walnut Wood Exterior
Steel Box
Rubber Bar

High Quality Wood Handle (comfortable grip)
3 Sizes Available (51mm, 53mm, 58mm)

2 Styles: Spiral base or Smooth base
High Quality Wood
4 Sizes Available (49mm, 51mm, 53mm, 58mm)


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