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Smooth Wavy Bed Frame


Upgrade your bedroom with our Smooth Wavy Bed Frame, a harmonious blend of contemporary style and timeless sophistication. This bed frame features a unique wavy design, adding a touch of modern artistry to your space. Crafted for both aesthetics and comfort, it transforms your bedroom into a haven of sleek elegance and relaxation. Elevate your sleep experience with this modern and stylish bed frame, where the beauty of design meets the promise of serenity in every curve.

Bed Frame Materials:

  • Fabric: Lambswool/Milk Velvet
  • Filling: Sponge
  • Frame: Pine
  • Anti-Slip Rod: Metal
  • Wood: Pine
  • Support Column: Metal

Design Features: 

  • Noise-Free Mattress Lock: Our embedded design locks the mattress in place, preventing any abnormal noise caused by mattress shifting during movement.
  • Enhanced Stability: The upgraded bed frame ensures a stable and noise-free experience. We've increased the density of wooden boards, maintaining an optimal distance to eliminate noise from boards rubbing together.
  • Skin-Friendly Comfort: Enjoy the comfort of a 45D high-density sponge made from an XMTP honeycomb microporous sponge. It offers superior pressure-bearing capacity while providing just the right balance of softness and support.
  • Premium Materials: Our bed frame features a solid wood frame made from robust Russian larch wood, known for its strength and resistance to deformation.
  • Luxurious Fabric Choices: Select your preferred style from either Teddy Velvet or Snowflake Sherpa, both designed to restore a soft and fluffy feeling to your bedroom.
  • Liquid and Dust Protection: We've upgraded our fabric with bionic lotus leaf technology to effectively repel liquids like cola, milk, coffee, and dust. Easy clean-up with a simple cotton cloth.
  • Ergonomic Design: With a comfortable 103° leaning angle, our bed frame provides excellent lower back support, helping to relieve pressure, support the waist, and protect your spine during extended periods of relaxation.
  • Plush and Comfortable: Indulge in the soft and reliable support of our high-elastic sponge filling, providing a constant pressure "SPA" for your back.
  • Wavy Series Design: Experience soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly textures that make our bed frame truly cozy. Handmade craftsmanship and pure hand-drawn dot details add a relaxed and luxurious touch to your bedroom.

Processing + Shipping Time: 

Processing: 4 - 5 Weeks (made to order)

Shipping: 4 Weeks

*Returns are not accepted for "Made to Order" Items


Medium: 60x80in (150x200cm)

Large: 70x80in (180x200cm)


Avoid long-term sun exposure. Maintain stable temperatures. Avoid placing wet items on the bed frame as it may damage the wood.


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