Maximize YOUR Small Spaces: Organizational Hacks for College Dorms!

Organized closet  Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric

Maximizing space in a college dorm is a creative endeavor that can greatly enhance your living experience. By prioritizing smart storage solutions like under-bed storage bins, wall-mounted shelves, and collapsible furniture, you can efficiently use every inch of available space. Multi-functional furniture pieces, such as a lofted bed with a desk underneath, offer both a cozy sleep area and a productive study corner. Utilizing vertical space with hooks, organizers, and wall pockets helps keep clutter off surfaces and maintains a tidy environment. Remember, a well-organized dorm not only creates a sense of comfort but also encourages productivity and relaxation in your limited living space.


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Yellow Bedding Inspo By Ever Lasting
Organized  bedroom inspo By Ever Lasting

How to maximize your small spaces?

Optimizing space in a college dorm involves creative solutions for efficient living. Utilize under-bed storage, wall-mounted shelves, and versatile furniture like lofted beds with integrated desks. Vertical storage using hooks and organizers minimizes clutter and maintains order. A well-organized dorm not only enhances comfort but also promotes productivity and relaxation in your compact living area.

1. find a bedframe with under bed storage!

Organized under bed storage Inspo By Ever Lasting
Organized under bed storage Inspo By Ever Lasting
Organized under bed storage Inspo By Ever Lasting
Organized under bed storage Inspo By Ever Lasting

Under bed storage is a practical and space-saving solution for college students who often face limited dorm room or apartment space. These storage containers or organizers slide neatly beneath the bed, making efficient use of otherwise unused space. They provide a convenient and accessible spot to stow away seasonal clothing, textbooks, and other essentials, helping students keep their living areas organized and clutter-free.

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2. Organize your closet space!

Wall clothing hangers Inspo By Ever Lasting
Wall clothing hangers Inspo By Ever Lasting
Wall clothing hangers Inspo By Ever Lasting
Wall clothing hangers Inspo By Ever Lasting

Incorporating hooks behind your dorm room door is a clever way to maximize space. These simple additions provide an excellent spot for hanging bags, hats, coats, and other accessories, keeping them easily accessible while freeing up precious floor and closet space. By utilizing the back of the door, you transform an often overlooked area into a functional storage solution, contributing to a tidier and more organized living environment.

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3. Organize your knick knacks!

Striped blue and white bedding Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric
Stackable containers Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric
Stackable containers Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric
Night stand  Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric

Organizing knick-knacks may seem daunting, but with thoughtful arrangements, you can showcase your trinkets while keeping your space clutter-free. Group items with similar themes or colors together on shelves or trays to create a visually appealing display. Utilize decorative baskets or containers to corral smaller items, preventing them from scattering around. Maximizing vertical space with wall-mounted shelves or pegboards can also provide a stylish solution for displaying your cherished belongings. By organizing your knick-knacks, you infuse character into your space while maintaining a sense of order.

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4. Invest in maintaning your kitchen space!

Organized kitchen  Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric
Organized kitchen  Inspo By Ever Lasting Fabric

Creating a functional dorm kitchen space doesn't require much room – it's all about smart choices and maintaining order. Start by investing in kitchen essentials like a versatile cup set, which not only serves beverages but can also double as bowls for quick snacks. Opt for reusable straws to reduce waste and keep your drinks eco-friendly. 

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5. Light up your organized bedroom!

Mid century lamp Inspo everlasting
Night stand  Inspo everlasting
Lamp on nightstand  Inspo everlasting
Night light lamp  Inspo everlasting

Strategic lighting can transform an organized dorm or bedroom into a welcoming haven. Utilize ambient lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, highlighting your well-organized space. Task lighting near study areas or workspaces ensures functionality, while accent lighting can emphasize decorative elements or specific areas. Consider adjustable lighting options to cater to different needs throughout the day. 

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6. try color drentching!

Warm bedding inspo Everlasting
Earth toned bedding inspo everlasting
Earth toned bedding inspo everlasting
Earth toned bedding inspo everlasting

When brainstorming concepts for smaller bedrooms, the customary inclination often leads towards white or beige tones. Nevertheless, venturing into more vibrant color choices can potentially yield substantial advantages. Choosing a varied color scheme, as opposed to a single-toned one, might prove more productive. This approach can help establish an enveloping atmosphere, diminishing visual clutter and fostering a tranquil environment. 

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How you dress is equally important to maximizing your bedroom space!

Just as optimizing space is essential, so is the choice of attire when dressing your cozy haven. Embracing comfortable pajamas can significantly contribute to your relaxation and overall well-being within your limited space. By selecting soft, cozy sleepwear, you ensure that comfort extends beyond just the physical environment. The feeling of slipping into comfy pajamas complements the effort you put into maximizing space, allowing you to fully unwind and enjoy your compact yet inviting surroundings.


In the quest to maximize your bedroom space, remember that every choice you make, from color schemes to cozy pajamas, contributes to a harmonious and functional environment. As you explore options, consider the exceptional offerings from Everlasting Fabrics. Their quality materials and designs not only enhance the comfort of your sleep space but also optimize its overall appeal. With Everlasting Fabrics, you're not just investing in bedding; you're investing in a lifestyle that values both style and functionality. So, transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and efficiency with items that bear the mark of Everlasting Fabrics. 


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Quick Bedding FAQ:

Do you offer student discounts?

Absolutely! We understand education is expensive, and are pleased to offer 10% off to those in school pursuing higher education. Simply send us an email to verify your student status and receive your discount code. :)

What size should I get?

In terms of sizing, most college dorms have Twin XL beds. In that case, we recommend going with a small size bed set and flat sheet. If you're looking for a fresh start or not sure where to begin, we recommend checking out our bundles! Each bundle will include a pillow, duvet insert and bedding set! It is also already pre discounted! Say heyyy to savings.

Don't see the bundle for the style of bedding set you like? Reach out to us and we might be able to make it happen! :)

For more info on bedding and sizing check out our size guide.

How should I decorate my room?

However you feel fit! No matter your style or aesthetic, Ever Lasting has a huge selection of bedding, we're sure you'll find something you love. ♡ Don't forget to share your progress and room makeovers with us by using #EverLastingMakeover and tagging us @EverLastingFabric.

Anything we missed?

Find more answers and tips on our back to school page or contact us for more help :)

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